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    • Benefits Of Playing Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars are better to start learning guitar, they are easier to handle and the songs that you can play when you are a beginner are easier to play on an acoustic guitar due to a lot of reasons.

It is better to learn on an acoustic guitar, and let me go ahead and give you a couple of reasons why I believe that learning from zero with an electric guitar is not the appropriate way to go.

1. Metal strings might hurt your fingers. By the time you start taking your first steps as a musician, your fingers are not used to the strings, I can tell you that if you don’t learn on an acoustic guitar, the electric guitar strings will hurt your fingers a lot more than if you start with an acoustic guitar with nylon strings, and this is the main reason why I think that an acoustic guitar is less difficult to handle.

2. Classical guitars are not heavy. Classical guitars are not as heavy as electric guitars, which is another reason why electric guitars are a little bit more difficult to handle; if you have the ability to dominate the weight of the guitar with your hands from the very first day, it will be a lot easier to learn the basics of the guitar.

3. The fret board is smaller. When you are starting to play guitar, one of the first lessons is to learn all the chords; it is more comfortable for you to dominate major and minor chords on a guitar that has a wider fret board, so it gives you more room to place your fingers, and when you are mastering the chords, you need it.



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