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The HCG Diet Is Quite Possibly The Fastest “Fat Burning Diet” Ever to Exist! , It’s really a return to the type of eating your body naturally craves and…………

This hormone actually works by reducing your appetite and maintaining normal energy levels, easing the normal symptoms of eating a low calorie diet such as:  Headaches and Mood swings. This hormone does this by allowing your body to process more efficiently, the fat stores already in your body.

Some Facts about the HCG Diet, one of our Health Recipes.

The HCG diet is a weight loss that has literally helped thousands of people that are overweight, to lose approximately – 1 to 3 lbs per day. There is a  500 calorie a day diet, which is known as the “VLCD” (very low calorie diet), and this is combined with a minimal intake of HCG – a natural hormone which is created in laboraties and it raises the body’s rate of metabolism at the same time  using stored fat for energy. The result is significant loss of fat in a very short time.

Taken in proper dosages, this hormone will make not only weight loss easier, but the fat loss as well! AND…best of all you’ll keep it off, our Health Recipes.

So the question is: “Should I, or shouldn’t I exercise on the Hcg Diet?” – and the answer is yes, part of our Health Recipes and I know a lot of you just hate exercise.  but I also get a lot of, “Ugh, do I have to? I hate exercise.”  Well, this post is for all that Love exercise and hate exercise for those who see the treadmill and see the gym as a boring chore. But you can go from loathing exercise to loving exercise during and after the HCG Diet journey.

For a lot of people,  the weight loss became an extraordinary part and the new health habits, Health Recipes,  that the HCG Diet brought into their lives were truly a  life-changing experience. You see, when I was 240+ pounds, I hated exercise.

So it is important to include some exercise with this HCG Diet. But, you can choose your type of exercise that suits you. Maybe it is a particular sport that you like or have played before or maybe some exercises you like to try that you have never done before like Yoga or Martial Arts etc; try to choose something you think might be fun to do, sort of a new adventure in Health Recipes.


Health Recipes


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